Public Health Unit

The hospital's Public Health Unit provides the following important health monitoring, health promotion and disease prevention services:

  • An Ante-Natal Clinic which serves approximately 50 women per month. This service is financially assisted by the Church of Christ in Thailand.
  • Photo of staff from the Public Health Unit
    Photo of Public Health Unit clinic
    A Postpartum Clinic for new mothers to be checked one month after giving birth. This clinic also provides family planning information and education.
  • A Well Baby / Under 5s Clinic which aims to fight child malnourishment and preventable diseases and serves approximately 60-70 children per month. This clinic provides vaccinations funded by the Royal Thai Government. In addition, the clinic operates the 'Malnourished Program' – a malnutrition intervention project funded by KarenAid which provides powdered milk and vitamins to underweight under-five children and children of HIV/AIDS and TB patients
  • An HIV/AIDS Clinic which serves approximately 30 people per month. A proportion of the migrant patients attending this clinic receive free antiretroviral drugs from the Global Fund, through the NAPHA Extension Fund.
  • A TB Clinic (the hospital's TB work is discussed in greater detail in the next section).

The Public Health Unit aims to further develop and expand the services provided in the future by:

  • undertaking more health promotion and education activities;
  • delivering more of those activities off-site in local villages; and,
  • focusing in particular on child malnourishment.