Out-Patients Department

The Out-Patients Department (OPD) serves approximately 60 patients per day / 15,000 visits per year.  In addition to all manner of routine illnesses and injuries, diseases commonly seen in patients include malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, dengue fever and HIV/AIDS (the hospital treats approximately 100 HIV/AIDS patients).  Patients include causalities of the Burmese civil war, just a few miles away and, while leprosy has been wiped out in Thailand, several leprosy patients per year come across the border from Burma with no other option for treatment.

In addition, the OPD offers the following services:

  • an Elderly Care Program to screen women over 60 years of age for treatable diseases common in old age such as glaucoma, cataracts, high blood pressure and diabetes. The costs of physical examinations and medication are financially assisted by KarenAid and Sangklaburi Christian Church; and,
  • a basic dental service, when staffed by visiting volunteer dentists.  
    Photo of patient registration
    Photo of Elderly Care Program
    Photo of Out-Patients Department clinic