Human Resource Development

As a non-profit hospital in a rural location, it can be difficult to attract highly qualified new staff.  For this reason, we are proactive about developing our existing staff and equipping future generations of local people to undertake and improve the ministry.  The human resource development project includes the following elements:

We seek to provide scholarship funds for existing staff and promising local students to study nursing or other health professions, with each student contracted to work at KRCH for one year for each year they receive the scholarship.   One nursing student is currently being supported.  The target for 2011-2012 is to support scholarships in order to train one pharmacist, one medical technologist and three nurses.

Hospital staff provide tutoring in biology, physics, mathematics, and English, together with a program of work experience, for a group of local high-school students who are selected for their potential to apply for scholarship funds and later work in the hospital.