Discipleship & Evangelism

Photo of the hospital band
Photo of daily staff devotional time

As a Christian organisation, a core part of the hospital's ministry is to share the Gospel – the good news of Jesus – and to encourage those who are already Christ's followers to grow in their faith. This is undertaken through:

  • Encouraging the hospital staff in Christian discipleship through a daily staff devotional time. All of the hospital staff meet for half an hour of prayer, musical worship and bible teaching at the start of each day. On Wednesday mornings, this includes a collection of money for giving to another Christian ministry.
  • Daily patient evangelism and pastoral ministry. In the Out-Patients Department, each morning patients in the waiting area hear the Gospel through music provided by the hospital band and through a presentation in Thai, Karen, Mon or Burmese. Later, while the clinic is running, Christian films are projected on a big screen and the hospital Chaplain and others circulate amongst the patients to minister to any pastoral needs and discuss the Gospel. In the In-Patients Department, patients receive film and recorded audio presentations of the Gospel, and personal visits from the hospital Chaplain.
  • Christmas and Easter evangelism. The hospital holds a large evangelism event for the local community and surrounding villages at Christmas and Easter. These evening events include music and a Gospel presentation, and are supported by local churches which follow up people who express an interest in the Gospel.
Photo of the hospital Christmas evangelism event
Photo of the hospital Christmas evangelism event
Photo of the hospital Christmas evangelism event