Internal Executive Board

The key members of staff on the Internal Executive Board are:


Dr. Scott Murray, MB, ChB, FRCS

Photo of Dr. Scott Murray

Assistant Director

Mrs. Lalida Murray, BNS, RN

Photo of Mrs. Lalida Murray


(Currently Vacant)

Assistant Manager

Mr. Pranote Buskornreungrat, SB, GradDipTh, MA

(Currently acting as Manager)

Photo of Mr. Pranote Buskornreungrat


Mr. Meechai Thongphakanok, BTh

Photo of Mr. Meechai Thongphakanok

Manager of Project on Improving TB treatment in Migrants

Ms. Lea Lindero, BNS

Photo of Ms. Lea Lindero

Head of Nursing Department

Mrs. Panjan Vatchara, BNS, RN

Photo of Mrs. Panjan Vatchara

Head of Purchasing Department

Ms. Arisa Meetha, BNS, RN

Photo of Ms. Arisa Meetha

Head of Finance and Accounting Department

Ms. Tipwan Saisangkapornthiti, BBA

Photo of Ms. Tipwan Saisangkapornthiti

Staff Representative

Mrs. Sriwilai Manorat

Photo of Mrs. Sriwilai Manorat